A Comprehensive Guide to Garmin Golf Devices

If you are an avid golfer, you most likely have heard of the new Garmin Golf GPS units. These devices by Garmin is collecting the best reviews from golfers all around the world. In a relatively short time, GPS Golf map devices have become almost a necessity for typical golf players. The devices have evolved from large bulky devices into a sleek lightweight handhelds, wristwatches and voice-enabled units that can be clipped to the bill of a cap.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Garmin Golf GPS Unit How much data do you want? Golfers differ significantly in how much information & data they want before any given shot. Some people want to know the distances to know every layup point on the hole. Others prefer to know the yardage that tells golfers how far they are from the green. Knowing what type of data helps determine what kind of 

Garmin golf device is best for you. If you need simple tracking of the green yardages, you can look at some entry-level devices, including watches and voice-enabled units. If you want everything, go with a hand-held device, probably with an overhead map facility that could help you position a cursor to determine the exact distance to any point on the hole.

Does size matter?

Be it slim, lightweight devices or hand-held devices, size is the most important thing to consider when choosing a GPS golf unit. If you walk around the golf course with a cart, you need not feel constrained to wear a smaller device like Garmin golf watch ? which may be less expensive and easytouse. The mounts are also available in such devices that will attach your GPS device to the cart. Similarly, if you carry a bag on your back while walking around the golf course, you might need to consider a lightweight handheld device that you can keep in your pocket. To have more features on your device, regularly update Garmin map golf unit with the latest software. This will enable you to enjoy all the latest functionality.

What is the Cost of Device?

If you?ve just chosen a Garmin GPS Golf Map device, don’t forget to take a look at how much the device is going to cost over time. For many 

Garmin golf devices, the cost doesn’t include just the price of the unit, but also include additional fee for downloading map course information or updating your map course information. There are devices that include all courses at no extra fee, but some do charge you annual or per-course fees.

Options for GPS Golf Units

Garmin Approach S3 Golf Watch It’s better to go for Golf GPS watches that are not only easy to use, but you can also know the distances just at the twist of your wrist. The best watch to go for is the Garmin Approach S3, which is Garmin’s premium golf GPS watch. The Garmin Approach S3 smartwatch provides accurate distances to near, center and far away points on the green golf course field. It also provide the players with the graphic of the green field while allowing them to move the flagstick to the desired position.

The best feature of this watch is its mapping ability that simply show you all the green edges in a golf field. It help golf players get accurate distances to green points that let them know, where they are on the golf course. Best Hand-held Golf GPS Device: Garmin Approach G6 The handheld Garmin golf GPS devices keep getting smaller in size, but their set of features keep getting better & bigger. Garmin has done a great job in making its range of golf GPS devices even better.

Their latest offering include the Garmin Approach G6, which comes with improved maps, touch screen, scoring, statistics and more into a lightweight unit that is preloaded with more than 26,000 courses. You can receive distance readings by simply touching any point on the screen, and the G6 device also provide distances to pre-mapped hazards. The graphics are better and clear, and include a simple interface as well as soft buttons allow users to quickly navigate menus.

To Conclude Hopefully, this article would have taught you some useful tricks for deciding on a Garmin golf device. In case of any query regarding types of features & functionality of the device, you may seek help from the Garmin golf course customer Support team to know about the latest products and updates.