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When we talk about a quality antivirus, such giants as Kaspersky or Avast come to mind. But is a quality antivirus always a famous antivirus?

It often happens that a high-quality brand is not well advertised. Although antivirus, in this case, is worthy of attention.

Therefore, we decided to talk about the security program, which copes with its functions as well as famous competitors. Despite the fact that very few people have heard about this program.
In 2019 a lot of Total AV reviews but just few of them is relevant.

What is known about Total AV antivirus?

TotalAV provides essential antivirus features with fantastic characteristics. The manufacturer’s company is still very young and has been on the market for less than two years. Therefore, it does not have such a reputation as its competitors, but its defense will adequately withstand any opponent. But it is a matter of time.

The advantages of this anti-virus include the following qualities:

  • Excellent set of common features
  • Enables VPN
  • Intuitive and attractive interface

The scan and antivirus results will be displayed in a clear and compressed format. This makes it easy to understand what problems you have on your computer, so you can instantly fix them. The program can be installed with just one click. Of the functional properties, we can highlight a file manager, an improved firewall and system loader. The program also offers protection for your iOS and Android devices.

“Interesting fact: while most big-time players in the business have been around for more than a couple of decades, this company is only 2 years old. It’s kind of one of the new kids on the block (so, don’t be surprised when your friends ask you – what is TotalAV?)”
Writer Nathan Collier

Are there any disadvantages?

If you carefully consider the properties of antivirus, you can come to the conclusion that this is a high-quality safe program. But given that it appeared on the market not so long ago, we understand that there are some drawbacks to this program.

What could be wrong with the Total AV antivirus:

  • Long scan time. Even a quick scan takes more than 15 minutes.
  • Account creation required for installation, even with the free version.
  • Additional features are expensive.
  • Lack of independent laboratory tests: Total AV has not yet passed independent laboratory tests, such as the AV test, for example. But we think it’s just a matter of time.
  • Popup windows. This antivirus is not without the disadvantage that all programs have, so you just need to take it easy.

In general, these are not the already big drawbacks of the program. In general, these are not such big program flaws. In the end, the antivirus compensates them with its additional features.

Benefits and features of Total AV

In addition to standard protection, Total AV can provide other equally useful options.

  • 30-day money back guarantees: Total AV will issue a full refund if the user is disappointed with the product.
  • VPN: find everything you need, with complete security and privacy.
  • Automatic or scheduled scan: the user can scan in Windows or just run the plug-in automatically and calmly wait for the result.
  • Booster system: Total AV System Boost will make your computer work many times faster. It will stop unnecessary programs and remove the system garbage, which slows down the work.
  • Many users praised this antivirus for the efficiency of customer support. You can contact them through any means of communication, but it is better to do it through Live Chat. All requests are processed promptly and carefully.


Total AV is a novelty among antiviruses, which, however, has already received praise from users. Antivirus has something to praise: reliable work, functionality, responsive customer support, useful options. Of course, there are some disadvantages. This is especially true of slow scanning and annoying pop-up windows. But let’s give the company time, and maybe they can improve their product to the level of famous competitors.