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Casinos everywhere, online and offline have slot machines. Slot machines are a major staple of the gambling world. In Johnsonburg Pennsylvania there is a store that carries all types of slot machines that are from the world long ago, all antiques. While you won’t find slot machines that are used in the casinos today, the slot machines that are in the Johnsonburg store take you back in time to a gamblers world long ago.

The store is one of cigars and slot machines, a combination that brings visitors from around the world to visit. This store seems to be a historical landmark that is different from any other.

Most slot machines that are carried in this store are made from wood, metal and carry images from long ago from Indians, shapes, and use the sounds that are basis of the gamblers memories. All the antiques in this store are from a seemingly different time in the world because they take you back to another time.

People from all walks of life continue visit this store to make their unusual purchases but those who are from the Indian walk of life are the major purchasers in this store. There are statues that are created of Indians, people walking, playing, talking, that depict nature and that are a combination of figures.


Each piece that is created in this store takes about 200 hours to build. The figures, statues and the memories that are built into each piece are very special. If you are not in the position to purchase a slot machine it is very possible that you may treasure one of the statues or figures even more. They are created strictly from wood.

In this store, cabinets, stands and figures for slot machines are made as well. All created from wood, these cabinets and stands are additions not only for gamblers and collectors but for those who love the feel and look of wood.

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